SNX April 14-16, 2024, Dallas, TX, Hyatt Regency Dallas

Secure Space for Your Business Meetings

SNX’s business-to-business meetings and professional networking opportunities provide the ideal setting to meet new and existing customers over the course of three days. Meeting space is assigned on a first come, first serve basis. 

Let's Get Started

1. Reserve Your Supplier Suite

The first step to engaging with attendees at SNX is reserving your Supplier Suite, which will elevate your experience through dedicated hours for private, focused meetings where business deals get done. 

Terrace (SOLD OUT)
Horizon (SOLD OUT)

Non-member Participating Supplier Fee: $1,250

Suites include: 

  • Existing furniture with option to add/modify space with one of three meeting room configurations – conference, crescent rounds, u-shape. 
  • Floor mat outside suite door with company logo 

*Day one will include open house and pre-scheduled meetings. Day two will include pre-scheduled meetings only. 

**There is a $1,250 one-time fee for nonmember participating suppliers that is added on top of the supplier suite price. 

Optional Upgrade 

Upgrade your presidential, terrace, sky, sunset or horizon suite to have a second meeting space by flipping the sleeping room for $3,000. Choose one meeting room configuration. 

2. Select Your Collaboration Kiosk

$4,500 per kiosk

SNX Experience Zones Map Event Dallas Texas

After you reserve a Supplier Suite, you can expand your presence in the Experience Zone by reserving a Collaboration Kiosk in one of the five zones (Ingredient, Processing, Flavor, Packaging and Market).

The Experience Zone provides snack producers the opportunity to walk through the snack manufacturing process, while allowing you to network and ignite profitable relationships. 

*Collaboration Kiosks, SNAC Bites and the Engagement Area are all sub-components of a Supplier Suite. After you purchase a Supplier Suite, you have the opportunity to reserve a Collaboration Kiosk, submit a proposal for a SNAC Bites session or sponsor an Engagement Area. 

SNX24 Supplier Suites

Presidential Suite

This premium, bi-level suite measuring 1,455 square feet. The 830-square-foot parlor space features space to entertain up to 50 people, two separate sitting areas, floor-to-ceiling views, entertainment center, executive workspace, and kitchenette. 

Cost: $29,500

Sky Suite

Host on top of the world in this 1,030-square-foot premium suite. The 680-square-foot parlor features space to entertain up to 30 people, two sitting areas, 65” flat-screen TV, Keurig, and half bath.

Cost: $19,500

Terrace Suite

This premium 980-square-foot suite with access to the third-floor rooftop, features space to entertain approximately 30 people, kitchenette with icemaker, refrigerator, full-size coffee maker, sink and island, and dining table that seats six. 

Cost: $15,000

Sunset Suite

The convenient and comfortable 950-square-foot Sunset suite features oversized bay windows, space to entertain approximately 30 people, dining table that seats six, and a separate sitting area and workspace.

Cost: $9,500

Horizon Suite

This 850-square-foot suite in Skyline Tower features space to entertain approximately 15 people, and separate sitting area.  

Cost: $7,500

Standard Suite

The Standard Suite provides 350 square feet of meeting space with multiple configuration options, including conference, crescent rounds, or u-shape setups. 

Cost: $4,500

Maximize your visibility at SNX. The more you sponsor, the more exposure you receive.  

Schedule your meetings in advance to get most benefit from your time at SNX. 

Book early to take advantage of SNX group room rates.  

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